Glow Facial

What is HIFU Facial Glow?

HIFU GLOW facial is a new treatment add on to our HIFU technology for face and neck uplift. We can now treat sensitive areas around the mouth and eyes at a depth of 1.5 mm which produces incredible results extremely quickly. Some of our customers get immediate results – radiant, plumped, and more youthful skin.
This is also an excellent alternative for those customers with darker skin that cannot be treated with other devices.
With HIFU Glow, we can treat above the eye and below the eye but we cannot get very close to the eye as we can do with the Mini wand which is a pen-like device and allows us to get into tiny places that a regular HIFU cartridge cannot fit. Likewise, with the mouth – HIFU Glow can treat areas to the side of the mouth. With Mini HIFU we can go to the very edges of the lips and treat areas no other competitor can do

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HIFU Glow Facial

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